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Production Guides

Benefit-SBN has produced attractive production guides for sesame, soya bean, mung bean bean and cotton. It also produced field guides for sesame pest, disease and weed controlling. The field guides target mainly farmers but they can also be used by development agents and agricultural professionals. Below are the links to access these field guides.

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140 individuals trained on home gardening

At the end of October and beginning of November 2019, about 140 including family heads, members of their family and development agents from East Belesa and Mirab Armachiho Woredas were trained on home gardening The training sessions were organized by Benefit-SBN in collaboration with GARC, East Belesa and Mirab Armachiho Woreda Offices of Agriculture. The training was organized in order

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In the 22 issue of the SBN Newsletter you will read about CDI-WUR manager visit in the northwest Ethiopia; the oil-seed sector paradoxes in Ethiopia; couple who gets benefit from home gardening; gender disparities in the SBN; farmers field day, pest and disease management training and others.

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Field days organized at Kafta Humera woreda

Humera Agricultural Research Center (HuARC) and Kafta Humera Woreda Office of Agriculture in collaboration with Benefit-SBN organized farmers field day for nearly 290 individuals, on the 21st and 23rd of September 2019. The participants included agricultural experts, development agents, researchers, large and smallholder farmers, representatives from cooperative promotion offices, administrations, women and youth affairs office and the media. Participants visited

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Farmers evaluate sesame and soya bean varieties

On the 19th of September 2019, Metema Woreda Office of Agriculture (WoA) in collaboration with Gondar Agricultural Research Center (GARC) and Benefit-SBN organized field days at Kokit and Kumer Aftet Kebeles for more than 200 farmers from Kokit and Kumer Aftit kebeles. The field days are components of the Crowd Sourcing (CS) and Participatory Variety Selection (PVS) activities that GARC

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Regional level field day held at Central and Mirab Gondar zones

On the 17th of September 2019, the Agriculture Offices of Tach Armachiho, Tegede and Mirab Armachiho Woredas in collaboration with Gondar Agricultural Research Center (GARC), ATA and Benefit-SBN organized a one-day field day for more than 300 individuals convened from regional, zone, woreda and kebele level stakeholders. In attendance were administrators, researchers, agricultural expert, heads from different bureaus and offices

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