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Successful knowledge exchange organised by Ethiopian Sesame Business Network

“The Ethiopian delegation learned a lot about sesame production enhancing techniques, methods for providing training and public services and alternative forms of financing farmers. These are definitely the three biggest challenges Ethiopia faces.” Florentine Dirks, agro-economist

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Regional annual meetings held

“What we have not done is still greater than what we have done thus far. We need to further work together to bring change in the sesame sector.” Fiseha Bezabih, Deputy Director of Tigray Agriculture Bureau. “There is still a lot in the plate for 2019. There is a potential for high performance of the sector.” Ted Schrader- Benefit-SBN project

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SBN-Introductory-Brochure_English SBN-Introductory-Brochure_Amharic SBN-Introductory-Brochure_Tigregna Saving-Brochure-Amharic Saving-Brochure_Tigrigna Labour-in-the-sesame-sector

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Yields can double The-sesame-sector-is-losing-one-billion-ETB Financing-sesame-production-and-marketing_the-number-one-priority Bringing-farmers-and-byers-together Winning-teams-for-competitive-sustainable-and-inclusive-sesame-value-chains

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