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Regional level field day held at Central and Mirab Gondar zones

On the 17th of September 2019, the Agriculture Offices of Tach Armachiho, Tegede and Mirab Armachiho Woredas in collaboration with Gondar Agricultural Research Center (GARC), ATA and Benefit-SBN organized a one-day field day for more than 300 individuals convened from regional, zone, woreda and kebele level stakeholders. In attendance were administrators, researchers, agricultural expert, heads from different bureaus and offices

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Field day held at Misrak Belesa

Misrak Belesa Woreda Office of Agriculture organized field day for more than 60 woreda and kebele level agricultural professionals and administrators on 16th of September 2019. The participants visited Achikan kebele farmer training centre (FTC) where different sesame varieties and rotation crops such as mung bean, soya bean, sorghum and a fodder crop cowpea has been planted. After the field

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CDI-WUR manager pays a visit to the sesame production areas of Northwest Ethiopia

Hedwig Bruggeman, Manager of Centre for Development Innovation at Wageningen University and Research (CDI-WUR) together with Dr. Irene Koomen, BENEFIT coordinator and Dr. Dawit Alemu, BENEFIT manager visited the sesame production area of Northwest Ethiopia, from 03rd-4th of September 2019. The group came to Dansha on the first day of the trip and visited Adugna Mesafint’s, a smallholder sesame farmer,

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Farmers field day organized at Mirab Armachiho Woreda

Mirab Armaciho Woreda Office of Agriculture organized a farmer’s field day at Midregent Kebele on 1st of September 2019. 141 (17 women) smallholder farmers, commercial farmers, agricultural professionals and woreda administration participated in the field day. Participants visited a commercial farmers field, where sesame and rotation crops have been planted using good agricultural practices, farmer training centre and seed multiplication

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Sesame yields and (post-)harvest losses in Ethiopia

In the sesame production and marketing season of 2013, a yield study was conducted through a survey and other methods with 93 farmers, as to gather data on farmers’ sesame yields and production practices. In addition, a study on harvest, transport, and storage losses has been undertaken to identify sources and quantities of sesame losses, and to come up with

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