Sesame and soya bean market starts at a relatively lower price compared to last year

The 2020 sesame marketing season started in October. The highest price of Whitish Humera Gondar sesame traded in ECX reaches 5,500 ETB, while the lowest is 4,300 ETB per quintal in October. This year’s price is a little lower compared to last year. In October last year, the price was  6,400 ETB while the lowest is 4,000 ETB. The price fluctuated in October last year.

Figure 1. October 2020 ECX sesame price

Figure 2. October 2019 ECX sesame price

October Mung bean ECX market. In the current marketing season, the price of mung bean increased compared to last year. During this month, the highest price of mung bean traded from the Gondar ECX branch was 3,700 ETB while the lowest was 3,100 ETB per quintal. But in other ECX warehouses, it reached up to 3,800 ETB. Mung bean marketing began at Gondar ECX last year. It was traded with 2,550 ETB in October 2019.  In other ECX warehouses, however, it was sold at the highest price of 3,320 ETB and the lowest 2,100 ETB per quintal.

October Soy bean ECX price. At the Gondar ECX branch, soybean price reached up to 1,491 ETB per quintal. But at Bure and Pawe warehouses, it reached 1,568 ETB and 1,585 ETB per quintal, respectively. However, it hits up to 1,775 ETB in other ECX warehouses.

It was traded with a maximum price of 1,750 ETB and the minimum of 1,500 ETB last year at Gondar warehouse. This shows that the price of soy bean was higher last year.