Issue Briefs

We made efforts to produce issue briefs, experience papers and lessons learned documents. The table below shows the overview of the issue brief produced. Below the table you will find the links to the issue briefs. The issue briefs provide backgrounds on the major challenges of the sesame sector, experiences on the works done thus far, opportunities and most importantly recommendations for action. (LL: Lesson Learned; EP: Experience Papers and IB: Issue Briefs)

Papers and briefsLLEPIB
Sustainable agricultural production
Scaling 20 Steps for improving sesame productivity in NW Ethiopiax  
Seed system development in NW Ethiopia (draft)x  
Inputs for outputs: improving farmers’ access to seeds and agro-inputs in NW Ethiopia  x
Location-specific weather forecast services to farmers for improved farm management and yield loss reductionx  
Without mechanisation no transformation (*)x x
Promotion of rotation crops in the sesame dominated production and market systems in the lowlands of NW Ethiopia (*)   
Large-scale production – low yields: improving the performance of investor farmers  x
Sesame post-harvest loss management in NW Ethiopiax  
Agri-finance, product and market development
Agri-finance: the main challenge and opportunity for sesame sector transformation in NW Ethiopia xx
Record-keeping and cost-benefit analysis for better farmer household performancex  
Supporting cooperative marketing and improving farmer-bank relations in the sesame zone – experiences with a risk sharing schemex  
Banks enter Ethiopian sesame sector through risk sharing scheme x 
Marketing credit for unions and cooperatives: unexploited opportunity for financial institutions  x
Post-harvest value creation: fundamental challenge for the Ethiopian sesame sector (*)x  
Organisation, activities and performance of cooperatives in the sesame lowlands (draft)(x)  
Cooperative presence on spot markets (draft)(x)  
Sesame as engine for development in the lowlands of NW Ethiopia – the role of cooperative sector and suggestions for policy support (*)  x
Enabling environment
Introducing a digital information management system for the sesame sector (*)x  
KAEP: bottom-up planning and stakeholder collaboration for improved performance of sesame-based farming systems x 
Bottom-up planning, stakeholder collaboration and input credit for successfully transforming the sesame sector  x