140 individuals trained on home gardening

At the end of October and beginning of November 2019, about 140 including family heads, members of their family and development agents from East Belesa and Mirab Armachiho Woredas were trained on home gardening

The training sessions were organized by Benefit-SBN in collaboration with GARC, East Belesa and Mirab Armachiho Woreda Offices of Agriculture.

The training was organized in order to develop the knowledge and skills of farmers in vegetables and fruit production in their gardens.

At the end of the training, vegetable seeds and watering buckets were given to the trainees.

The training focused primarily on the agronomic practices of vegetables (tomato, peppers, onion, swiss chard, cabbage, beetroot, local cabbage and lettuce), pest and disease problems of fruit such as mango, orange, water harvesting and irrigation systems, nutrition and food security issues.

Trained farmers will soon begin implementing what they have learned in their gardens. Woreda Offices of Agriculture and Benefit-SBN will closely monitor and support farmers in their efforts to produce vegetables and fruits in their gardens.