Field day held at Misrak Belesa

Misrak Belesa Woreda Office of Agriculture organized field day for more than 60 woreda and kebele level agricultural professionals and administrators on 16th of September 2019.

The participants visited Achikan kebele farmer training centre (FTC) where different sesame varieties and rotation crops such as mung bean, soya bean, sorghum and a fodder crop cowpea has been planted.

After the field visit, participants sat at the shadow of a big tree near the FTC and discussed on what they have visited. Most participants liked the sorghum (Melkam) and sesame (Setit 2) varieties. They said the performance of these varieties are good in the area but they also mentioned that the final result need be determined after measuring the yield.

Mung bean at the FTC

Field day participants mentioned that the soya bean seem to be very late to set pods and may not be good for the area.

The development agents who run the FTC stated that the mung bean variety is performing well but it is affected by a pest.

Over 268 farmers visited the Achikan FTC at the different growing stages of the crops.