Farmers field day organized at Mirab Armachiho Woreda

Mirab Armaciho Woreda Office of Agriculture organized a farmer’s field day at Midregent Kebele on 1st of September 2019. 141 (17 women) smallholder farmers, commercial farmers, agricultural professionals and woreda administration participated in the field day.

Participants visited a commercial farmers field, where sesame and rotation crops have been planted using good agricultural practices, farmer training centre and seed multiplication and other activities run by Gondar Agricultural Research Centre (GARC).

A general discussion was held at the end of the field day at Mirab Armachiho woreda administration hall. Participants appreciated GARCs seed multiplication activity. They said this will resolve the seed system challenge in the woreda.

They also expressed their concern on the marketing challenge of rotation crops, especially mung bean and soya bean and the waterlogging problem that they have been experiencing in their sesame production.  

Many investor farmers were invited to the field day but very few showed up. This shows the reluctance of investors farmers to see and learn about improved agricultural technologies.

The importance managing excess water from sesame fields and encouraging commercial farmers to participate and learn from such events are among the main takeaways of the discussions.