Tot on cost recording

51  individuals convened from farmer cooperative unions, primary cooperatives, woreda office of agricultures and cooperative promotion offices received training on financial literacy from the 29th -30th of June, 2019 at Shire-Endasilassie.

The objective of the training was to build the capacity of trainer’s in training financial literacy. In particular the training was given to increase the knowledge and skills of cooperative members so that they will be able to plan, facilitate,  monitor and evaluate effective training to small scale farmers on recording their cash-flows in farm cashbook and doing cost-benefit analysis.

The trainig was organised in two sessions. The first was a refreshment/reflection training for those who have already taken the training in the previous years and the second was a formal training for those who have taken the training for the first time.

The training focused on mainly on cost recording and calculating and on training facilitation skills.

Training was facilitated using more active learning methods such as questioning, pair and group work, reflections.

A relatively more number of women participated in the training. Of the total participants, 16 were women.