Orientation workshop held on the 2019 production season scaling-up plan

On the 22nd of May 2019, Gondar Agricultural Research Center (GARC) together with Benefit-SBN organised a one-day orientation workshop, with the objective of introducing the scaling up plan of 2019 production season and sharing responsibilities among relevant stakeholders. In attendance were 22 individuals including woreda administrators, agriculture office Heads, extension division leaders, Central and West Gondar zones agriculture department heads, researchers and Benefit-SBN staff members.

The workshop was opened by Mr. Andualem Mulu, Central Gondar Zone Agriculture Department head. In his speech Mr. Andualem appreciated the organisation of the workshop and emphasised on the importance of having a strong collaboration among stakeholders.

In the workshop, GARC and Benefit-SBN presented achievements of last year scaling up activities and the 2019 scaling up activities planned together with BoA and ATA. In the two presentations the technologies to be used, the places where the technologies will be scaled out and the actions expected from the stakeholders were presented.

Following the presentations, participants discussed in groups (per woreda) on how they are going to implement the 2019 plan and tackle the possible challenges together. After discussing in a plenary participants agreed with the proposed scaling up plans and set time for the different tasks.

In a closing remark, Mr. Getnet Belehu, West Gondar Zone Agriculture Department head said the workshop was a valuable platform to harmonise planned activities of different stakeholders in the sector. He added working through the zone department will enable to synchronise plans, reduce duplication of efforts and create synergy.