Field day at Humera

On the 1st of October 2018, Humera Agricultural Research Center (HuARC) organised field day for about 300 people including smallholder and commercial farmers, agricultural professionals, government officials, and support projects.

The objective of the field day is to help visitors see and learn from the different activities that HuARC has been doing in 2018 production season.

Visitors while following the explanation of the host farmer in the field

Participants first visited three farmers fields who applied 20 steps improved sesame production package. In these fields, they visited the changes that have been brought by applying the 20 steps improved sesame production package in general and the performance of sesame fields planted using Sfoggia row planter.

The host farmers explained the steps they followed starting from land preparation to the current stage- which is almost ready for harvesting. The host farmers are happy on the current stand of their sesame and they expect to harvest up to 10 quintals per hectare.

The participants then visited other fields in which HuARC has been doing different trials on soya bean, sorghum, cowpea, sunflower etc.

Sesame harvester demonstration

Afterward, in collaboration with the Mechanisation Department of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture two sesame harvesting machines were demonstrated in HuARCs field.

In the end, visitors discussed with researchers and government authorities. Striga problem in sorghum, demonstration of improved production technologies on the side of main roads; limited or no access of improved seed, row planter, harvester, chemicals for pest and disease control etc are among the major challenges raised in the discussions.

Dr. Abadi, director of Tigray Agricultural Research Center (TARI) underscored that those who joined the field visit and had a look at the improved technologies need to take lessons from what they have seen and try to use the technology next year.

Discussions after the field visit

With regard to the shortage of chemicals, it was suggested that farmers need to express their demand earlier so that the farm center will make it available on time.

The sesame harvester is promising but it was suggested that HuARC and Benefit-SBN take the assignment and see its performance in detail.


Some participants suggested that attention is given to sesame only and research and other bodies need to consider other crops too.