Tigray region field visit

Humera Agricultural Research Centre (HuARC) and Western Tigray zone Department of Agriculture and Natural Resource in collaboration with BENEFIT portfolio programmes- SBN, ISSD and CASCAPE organised field visit for nearly 260 individuals drawn from different organisations- farmers cooperatives, unions, research, agriculture, university, private companies and projects at Kafta Humera and Asegede Tsimila woredas.

The event, which was organised from September 30th– October 1st, 2017, was attended by high ranking government officials including Dr. Eyasu Abraha, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural resource (MANR), Dr Bekele Bulado, Ministry of Trade (MoT), Mrs. Almaz Mesele from House of peoples representatives, state ministers for MANR and MoT and other higher officials from Tigray Region, zone and woreda administrations, bureaus and offices.

The main objective of the field visit was to demonstrate the major joint collaborative activities of HuARC and Tigray Region Bureau of Agriculture, in collaboration with BENEFIT Portfolio programmes- ISSD, CASCAPE and SBN that have been run in 2017 production season.  The specific objectives were to: contribute to the transfer of agricultural knowledge among the farming community, experts, researchers, and others; to raise awareness about the newly introduced agricultural technologies and farming practices; create a platform for different actors to discuss and share ideas and document knowledge and experience shared during the field day.

In the two days, participants visited different research trials such as validation of fertiliser recommendations on sesame; row planted sesame fields in commercial farmers fields; sorghum adaptation trail at smallholder farmers’ fields; marginal rate of yield return trial at farmer training centres; demonstration of 20 steps sesame package and rotational crops at farmer training centers; evaluation of the effect of ploughing time on yield of sesame, participatory variety selection trial, sesame seed multiplication activities at HuARC compound.

After the first day visit, the two ministers, state ministers, and other government officials discussed with commercial farmers and other participants of the field day at HuARCs hall.