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Training on MRR experiment set up and management

82 agricultural professionals drawn from North Gondar zone sesame producing woredas were trained on marginal rate of yield return (MRR) treatment set up and management techniques.

The objective of the training was to capacitate agricultural experts so that they design and manage the treatment in a very professional way.

Benefit-SBN run MRR experiment to have scientific evidence on the marginal rate of yield for selected critical steps of the 20 steps sesame production guide; and/ or the marginal loss of yield because of non-application of certain critical steps.

In addition to the methods of conducting MRR trails, participants were trained on the 20 steps improved sesame production package, improved production techniques of rotation crops and meteorology- weather forecast pilot for sesame farmers- weather parameters and how to record rain gauges readings.

In training participants on how to conduct the MRR experiment, attention was given to the layout of the experiment and data collection methods. Discussion was also made on the 2016 MRR activity, main challenges encountered during conducting the experiment.  Also, the 2017 MRR plan, design and data collection methods was presented and discussed.

In the second day, participants went to the field and practiced to setup the layout of the experiment following the necessary producers- selecting the proper site for the plots, delineating the total area required, dividing the block based on the design, making rows, applying seed and fertilizer and recording data.

The result or the information on marginal rate of yield and return on investment will be used not only to provide tailored advice to farmers on how they can get highest yields and returns but also to provide research based information to policy makers so that they could come up strategies that could help enhance farmers’ adoption of improved sesame production technologies.

At the end, together with the woreda experts’ participants developed their kebele action plans.

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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia