ToT on 20 Steps

SBN Support Programme in collaboration with Tigray and Amhara Bureaus of Agriculture and Research Institutions organised training of trainers (ToT) workshop on ‘20 Important Steps to Double Yield and Improve the Quality of Sesame’ for 42 agricultural experts and researchers at Gondar.

Participants of the training were convened from North Gondar and West Tigray Zone: Woreda Offices of Agriculture, zone Agriculture Department/Development Corridor, Farmer Cooperative Unions, Gondar and Humera Agricultural Research Centers, Hiwot Mechanisation and experts from private investor farmers.

The training mainly focused on the 20 steps. It also included the 2014 sesame market trend. Instructions were also given for trainees on keeping logbook records.

During the training, the Amhara and Tigray groups separately prepared detailed action plans on how they will conduct further ToTs, select model farmers and distribute logistics at the woreda and kebele labels. In their action plans participants specifically indicated the time, place and responsible bodies for the specific actions.

The ToT on 20 Steps was given by Dr. Geremew Terefe, SBN National coordinator.

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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia