ToT held on sesame production package, soil fertility, extension communication and record keeping

More than 240 agricultural professionals drawn from North Gondar and Awi zones attended a two- day training of trainers (ToT) workshop on sesame and rotation crops package and extension communication. The workshop was conducted at Gondar from the 15th- 16th of May 2017.

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Participants, attending theoretical sessions

The ToT was organised with the objective of improving the knowledge and skills of agricultural professionals on sesame and rotation crops improved agricultural production package, soil health and fertility, extension communication and record keeping.

The training session include both theoretical and practical aspects. In the first day, participants were taught on the theoretical part. In the morning of the second day, participants went to the nearby field and practically tried some of what they have learnt in the class lectures such as potential land selection, land preparation, layout, planting, row planting and basal fertiliser application. In the afternoon, participants came together for a general orientation and discussion. Discussions were made on the strengths and limitations of the training.

Mr. Chalachew Derebe

Mr. Chalachew Derebe

Participants expressed their happiness with the training session. Mr. Chalachew Derebe, an agriculture office head from Mirab Armachiho said: “this is my first time when I attend a training session organised on sesame production package. I found it very nice. It incorporates both theoretical and practical sessions. I am especially happy on this part; it helps put some of what we have learnt in the paper into practice. This is good for us as we go and work with farmers in the field.”

Sayeshe Kasahun

Sayeshe Kasahun

Sayeshe Kasahun from Keptele kebele, Jawi woreda, said she has been supporting farmers in her kebele. She said she has got important lessons not only on improved sesame and soya bean production package, but also on application of fertiliser and extension communication. She said she is eager to go back and share what she has got to farmers and her fellow colleagues in her area.

Participants were from six sesame producing woredas, namely: Quara, Metema, Tach Armachiho, Tegede, Mirab Armachiho and Jawi.

The ToT was organised by Amhara Region Bureau of Agriculture (ABoA) in collaboration with Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) and Benefit-SBN.

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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia