ToT held in West Tigray

In collaboration with Humera Agricultural Research Center (HuARC) and Zone and Woreda Offices of Agriculture in Western Tigray, the Sesame Business Network (SBN) Support Programme organised Training of trainers (ToTs) for 439 model farmers and 191 development agents.

The trainings were given as part of the scaling up of improved sesame production technologies. This production year, it is planned to run 502 demonstration plots in western Tigray Zone. The demonstrations will be made in farmer training centers (FTCs) and model farmers’ plots.

During the training, emphasis was given to the 20 steps of sesame production guide which will help farmers’ to double yield and improve the quality of sesame.

Apart from the theoretical aspect of the training which focuses on improved sesame production package, practical lessons were given to trainees on ploughing, row planting and fertiliser applications.

After the training, trainees are going to implement what they have learnt into practice. They are also expected to share what they have learnt to other farmers who did not have the chance to take the training.

A sesame production guide has been distributed to all trainees. Trainees promised to go to their vicinities and train other sesame farmers.

Mamo Alemayehu, 51, from Mender Amist (Village number five), Division cluster said, “I am happy with the training. I have learnt that ploughing for one time won’t help us more. We should plough our land repeatedly. We should also follow up our land frequently and do the weeding and thinning accordingly…. I am ready to share what I have got from the training to my neighbours, friends and my cooperative members. I will read the production guide and discuss about it with my children.”???????????????????????????????

Frewine Yemane, a development agent, from Wore, Division cluster said, “I have got important lessons from the training. When we finish this training, I and my colleagues are expected to train 73 model farmers. By using the five-in-one grouping system the 73 model farmers will each train five farmers in their neighborhoods. This way we can reach a number of farmers” She added, “the production guide is really interesting. It will help me and my friends do our work properly”???????????????????????????????

ToT participants were drawn from all the sesame business clusters in the three woredas of west Tigray zone; namely Kafta Humera, Wolkaiet and Tsegede. The following table shows the places where the trainings were given and the number of participants.

Training Places No. of model Farmers No. of Development Agents/Experts Total no. of Participants

Training Places No. of model Farmers No. of Development Agents/Experts Total no. of Participants
Adi-goshu 20 23 43
Beaker 21 38 59
Adebay 50 22 72
May-kadra 84 17 101
May-gaba 53 13 66
Rawyan/Bereket/Central 63 17 80
Divisio-Dansha 95 30 125
Dansha Zuria 53 31 84
Total 439 191 630
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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia