ToT on cost recording and basic cost calculations

About 50 members of selected sesame producer primary cooperatives from north Gondar and western Tigray zones participated in training of trainers’ workshops organised on cost recording and basic cost calculations. The ToTs were organised at Gondar on 21st and 22nd ;and at Humera on the 24th and 25th, of June 2016. The topics included in the training are: cost recording using logbook; calculating interest costs, total cost, total income, profit or loss; purchase of expensive assets and making decisions for next sessions. Trainees will go back to their primary cooperatives and each will provide training to 20 farmer members of their cooperatives. It is planned to train about 1,100 farmers for this season.

Feedback from the trainees

Muluwork Tigabu, a young accountant from Jansuma multipurpose cooperative, Tach Armachiho woreda said: “Farmers in our area often do their agricultural activities randomly. They do not usually do cost benefit analysis. They seem to give attention for their income not for their cost.” She added; “Based on the lessons I get from the training I will go and train farmers so that they can record their costs and calculate their incomes. Farmers need to know beforehand whether the cost that they incur can be profitable or not.” Muluwork said: “I am ready to train 20 farmers. I will arrange the time which is convenient for farmers and give training for them. I will use different training methods. I will also arrange peer discussions nine times.” She added: “the training is a bit late; farmers have already started to spend some money; but I will go help them to register the costs that they have already incurred; lots of expenditures are about to come and I will help them to recorded all the expenses properly and calculate their costs.”

Mr. Mekonnen Mebrhatu, is an accountant from Kulemeday primary cooperative, May-dele Kebele, Tsegede woreda. He is happy with the training and he feels that he is capacitated to train other farmers based on what he has learnt. He said; “farmers in my area do not usually calculate their profit and/or loss. They need to change this. They have to know whether they are making profit or not. For this, they need to register their costs and do cost benefit analysis at the end.” He further added; “I like the training very much. I have got important lessons. I also like the manual and the cost sheet. They both are attractive. I am ready to go and capacitate the 20 farmers in my cooperative” He believes that the 20 farmers that he is going to train will in turn share their knowledge to many other farmers in their localities.

Mr. Zeleke Mamo, marketing manager of Metema Multipurpose Farmers’ Cooperative Union, who participated in the training organised at Gondar, stated that the financial literacy training is very important for farmers. It will help them register and calculate their costs; it will help them learn which activity or step costs much and which one costs less; and then make informed decisions on their farm activities. He added, some of the trainees already started providing training for their cooperative members. Although the trainees will not train more than 20 farmers, Zeleke believes that many other farmers will learn from the trained fellow farmers in their areas.

Support from projects

The financial training sessions have been organised by BENEFIT-SBN, C4C/SNV and Agriterra in collaboration with Metema, Selam, Dansha Aurora, Setit and Lemelem Wolkaiet Farmer Cooperative Unions. BENEFIT-SBN staff members are closely following up the cascaded training sessions and supporting cooperative members.

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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia