Tach Armachiho WOA gives award for three Development Agents

Tach Armachiho Woreda Office of Agriculture (WOA) has given awards for three Development Agents (DAs) who perform better in 2014 production season in its meeting held on October 27, 2014.

The three DAs are awarded for their outstanding performance in supporting model farmers to be successful in the application of the recommended best sesame production technologies. Molla Alebachew, Challachew Derso and Jejaw Habtemariam are the three DAs from Sanja and Ashere clusters who were given financial award and certificate of appreciation.


Development Agents attending the meeting

Molla Alebachew, who stood first in the woredas evaluation, said “I feel good because the woreda gives recognition to our work. I have been supporting 10 model farmers and run one Farmer Training Center. Nine of the farmers become successful. The remaining two are at the medium level.The award will make me ready to work very hard in the future.”

Meanwhile, DAs in the woreda have evaluated the overall progress of the scaling out of improved sesame production technologies which have been run since June 2014.

In their report, almost all DAs have mentioned that most of the demonstration plots are successful. DAs indicated that farmers appreciated the roll out of improved sesame production activities in general and the demonstration of improved sesame technologies and crop rotation trials in particular.

They said farmers have been closely following the demonstration activities not only by attending formal field days but also by paying informal visits. Too much rain in some areas has affected some demo plots. Some areas of improvement have also been mentioned in the reports, among others, timing of planting and maturity of the new sesame seeds, thinning and gap filling, management problem of demonstration sites in some places, problems of site selection, pest and disease etc.

More than 60 DAs drawn from 11 Kebeles participated in the meeting held at Sanja, Woreda Office of Agriculture.

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