Sesame farmers field day

Humera Agricultural Research Center (HuARC) in collaboration with BENEFIT-SBN organised farmers field day for over 300 individuals drawn from farmers’ cooperatives, unions, research, offices of agriculture, administration and other stakeholders of the SBN from western Tigray zone on the 5th of October 2016.

The main aim of the field day was to show farmers and other participants of the field day the research activities conducted to solve the major challenges of production and productivity of sesame and rotation crops in the area.

The field day kicked off by the welcoming speech of Dr. Abadi Girmay, natural resource management directorate director at Tigray Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) and Dr. Geremew Terefe BENEFIT-SBN support project manager.

Participants first visited the research activities of HuARC on sesame, rotation crops such as sorghum, mung bean, soybean etc., animal feed at HuARCs compound. HuARC researchers were explaining the different treatments.

Next, participants visited an investor farmer’s farm at Bereket in which demonstration of improved production technologies were employed. They visited sesame and mung bean planted using row planter and other activities of the investor farmer such as water harvesting, onion and mango farms etc.

They also visited a model farmers plot and a farmer training centre under which the ‘20 Steps’ improved sesame production technologies have been employed with the support of Humera woreda office of agriculture, HuARC and BENEFIT-SBN.

The field day gave chance to farmers and other stakeholders to evaluate the different improved production technologies and exchange ideas and information with researchers and officials from agriculture and research bureaus.

dsc05440A women model farmer Mirhet Teame expressed her happiness on what she has visited. She said: “I am extremely happy on what I have seen today. I believe that the research activities that I have visited will help change the farmers’ lives in the future.”


A young model farmer Kasay Dangew is one of the visitors from Adijamus, Wolkaiet woreda. He said: “it is my first time to participate in such a field day. I have really got an important lesson. It helped me compare my practice with other farmers. I have especially seen the importance of row planting. I myself employed row planting but I am very much impressed on the sesame and sorghum fields that I see today. They are really different.”

The field day was adjourned in the afternoon after participants convened in HuARCs hall and discussed with Dr. Eyasu Abrha, director general of TARI and Dr. Geremew Terefe, manager of BENEFIT-SBN.



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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia