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SBN to start sesame radio programme in Amharic

SBN Support Programme signed a radio programme air time lease agreement with Amhara Mass Media Agency on April 03, 2014.

The purpose of the radio programme is to disseminate timely and relevant information and knowledge to the sesame business cluster actors and other stakeholders in the north Gondar zone.

The radio air time lease was made in a cost sharing agreement. The total cost of broadcasting for 15 minutes programme (twice a week) is 592, 020 ETB. Out of this cost SBN-Support Programme will pay 350,000 ETB while the remaining 242, 020 will be covered by the agency.

The information and knowledge transfer process through the radio will follow the seasonal pattern of the production and marketing of sesame. The programme will also give priority to the needs of the various stakeholders.

Among the major issues to be covered in the radio programmes are the importance of using improved sesame production technologies, the sesame marketing, SBN stakeholders and its support programme activities and strategic issues that limit production, productivity, quality and marketing of sesame that need decision at regional and national level.

The sesame programme in Amharic language will be aired every Monday from 7:20- 7:35 PM. The same programme will be broadcast again in one of the week days. The rebroadcasting time will be decided as soon as the agency starts its medium wave programme.

The contract agreement was signed by Mr. Gete Alemu, promotion and market development head at Amhara Mass Media Agency and Dr. Geremew Terefe, national coordinator of SBN support programme.

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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia