SBN Support Programme expands its reach to 38 SBCs

The SBN Support Programme has recently included 19 more Sesame Business Clusters (SBCs) which make the total number of SBCs that it supports 38. These clusters are located in eight woredas and cover 73 kebeles in northwest Ethiopia.

Detailed analysis of the sesame production and marketing zone in North Gondar and Western Tigray has led to the proposition to extend the program to a total of 38 clusters. The points of analysis concerned: importance of production zones, existence of market centres, coverage of sesame cooperatives, size of the clusters and distance between actors, and interest and commitment of woredas.

Two clusters in Tegede woreda (Amhara) have been added, as this woreda was erroneously not included in 2013.  Six existing clusters in Tigray have been split, because they were geographically too large or too heterogeneous (small and large farmers). For the 19 new clusters, basic data have been collected in the last months of 2014. The write-up of SBC profiles is in process and close to finalisation.  For all SBC’s a summary document will be established. The following table shows the new and existing SBCs and the woredas in which they fall.

West Tigray zone (Tigray North Gondar Zone (Amhara)
Woreda SBCs Status Woreda SBCs Status
Tsegede Dansha Zuria Existing Quara Gelego Existing
Division Dubaba New
Werie New Selferei
Wolkaiet May-gaba Existing Bambuwuha
Selam New Metema Gendewuha Brshign Existing
Adj-jamus Metema Yohannes
May-timket Shinfa
Korarit Tumet New
Kafta Humera Adebay Existing Meka-Kumer
Adi-goshu Kokit
Adi-hirdi Mirab Armachiho Abderafi Existing
Kafta Humera Abrehajira
Maernet Girarwuha/Korhumer New
May-kadra Tach Armachiho Ashere Existing
Rawiyan Sanja
Tirkan Jansuma New
May-weyni New Tegede Seroka New
Bereket Ergoye/Marzeneb
TIGRAY 20 AMHARA 18  Total=38
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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia