SBN Support Programme and 2SCALE met with PUM

On March 09, 2014, the Sesame Business Network (SBN) support programme and 2SCALE had a short meeting with the Netherlands Management Cooperation Programme (PUM) and discussed on how PUM can support the sesame value chain.

During the meeting discussions were made on points such as the types of value chains PUM can support, management operations needed, what PUM can offer to the stakeholders of SBN, where could PUM be effective and how can it position itself in the sector.

It is emphasised that PUM can play demand driven support by bringing experts and support some of the unions, primary cooperatives and private companies in the SBN.

In the meeting,  it is suggested to PUM and one of its clients to take part in the SBN’s national workshop which will be held in mid May, 2014 so that they could share their practical experiences to the different stakeholders of the SBN.

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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia