SBN regional workshop held in Humera, Tigray

The Sesame Business Network (SBN) regional workshop was held in Humera, Tigray on December, 29, 2014. The main objective of the workshop was to evaluate the 2014 rolling-out of improved sesame production technologies. It was also aimed at creating a platform for SBN stakeholders so that they can discuss on how the scaling up activities will be conducted in 2015.

115 participants drawn from Woreda Offices of Agriculture, Cooperative Promotion Agency, Tigray Agricultural Research Institute, zone and woreda administration, model farmers involving in scaling up activities, traders, primary cooperatives, unions, development agents, experts, non-governmental organisations and private company, attended the one day workshop.

Demeke Tilahun, from SBN Support Programme, presented the major achievements of the 2014 activities which have been made by the SBN Support Programme together with Regional Agricultural Bureaus, Agricultural Research Center and other partners and stakeholders in the sesame sector.

Following the brief highlight, SBC focal persons from the three woredas; Kafta Humera, Tsegedie and Welkayt presented the accomplishment that they made in scaling up of improved sesame production package. Presentation was also made on sesame marketing, focusing on the results of credit and production costs.  Other stakeholders working on the sesame sector also shared their experience.

Thorough discussions were made in-between presentations. The participants took keen interest in discussing and understanding the practical implications of good practices as well as new technologies employed to improve the productivity and quality of sesame.

Participants also discussed about the future plan of SBN in general and how the scaling up of improved sesame production technologies will be conducted in the coming year in particular.

During the workshop, Kafta Humera, Tsegedie and Welkayt Woreda Offices of Agricultures and the three focal persons from each woreda were given certificate of appreciation for their active and outstanding performance in the implementation of the scaling up activity in Western Tigray zone. The certificate was given by Mr. Fesha Berhe, western Tigray zone administration head.


Mr. Fesha Berhe, giving closing remark

In his closing remark, Mr. Fesha Berhe, appreciated the joint efforts which have been made by SBN Support Programme, Humera Agricultural Research Centre, Woreda Offices of Agriculture and other private sectors involved in the sesame sectors. He added, such efforts will improve the productivity and quality of sesame.

The workshop was successfully organised by SBN Support Programme in close collaboration with the woreda offices of agriculture, Humera agricultural research centre, zonal and woreda administration, private company working on sesame value chain and other governmental and non-governmental organisations.

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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia