Rumptstand-2-Wheel Tractor demonstrated

Agriterra and TGT Enterprise, in collaboration with the SBN Support Programme, had a demonstration road show of a Rumptstad – 2-Wheel Tractor.

The demonstrations took place from June 24 to July 05, 2014. It was organized in Shinfa, Aftite, Abderafi, Abrhajira, Marzeneb and Soroka in north Gondar, and Dansha and Humera in west Tigray zone.

Sesame producing farmers, journalists, and representatives from regional and Woreda Bureau/Office of Agriculture and Cooperative Promotion Offices were part of the ploughing demonstration.

Participants got the chance to ask questions and discuss about the use and operational capacities, price, guarantee and availability of spare parts of the tractor. A few farmers tried to plough themselves using the tractor.

By using less that 20 liter gas the tractor can plough two hectares land within eight hours. In manual ploughing, that is using a couple of oxen, it takes eight days to plough two hectares.

Apart from ploughing the Rumptstad 2-wheel tractor can be used in a wide variety of agricultural practices, such as soil tillage, row planting, fertilizer application, weeding, transporting, threshing, generating electric power and water pumping.

Introducing such tractor for sesame farmers is a step forward to change the sesame sector into mechanization.

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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia