Rolling out of financial literacy training started

Benefit- SBN, in collaboration with Farmers’ Cooperative Unions, has been training farmers in financial literacy- cost recording and calculating- since 2015. Over 1,100 farmers were trained and supported to record their costs and calculate their profit and/or loss in the last two years.  In 2017, Benefit-SBN and nine Farmer Cooperative Unions have planned to scale out this activity and reach about 7,140 sesame farmers in Northwest Ethiopia.

Cashbook manual and cash recording books, signing collaboration agreement with unions, purchasing materials for the ToT and other training programmes have been produced. Over 210 cooperative members were trained as trainers on cost recording and calculating in five training sessions which were organized at Gendewuha, Sanja, Kosober, Humera and Sheraro towns. From the 25th of June- the 2nd of July 2017.


Participants doing class assignments, Metema

The main objective of the ToT programme was to capacitate cooperative members on financial literacy training so that they will go facilitate training sessions to their members on recording cost in cash-books and calculating their profit/loss.

The cashbook manual has seven steps; cost recording using a cashbook; total farm cash inflow and outflow; end balance; profit or loss; understanding credit costs and stocks; decisions for next season and in-depth farm analysis (the last part is optional).


Training participants working in groups, Humera

Nine farmers cooperate unions, namely, Metema, Selam and Admas from Amhara region and Setit Humera, Dansha Aurora, Lelem Wolkaiet, Feleg, Hidassie Gidib and Tekeze farmer cooperative unions from Tigray region organised the ToT, cascaded training sessions and peer-to-peer discussions as of mid-June 2017.


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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia