Sesame Business Network National Stakeholders  Meeting (December 17, 2015)

1. Presentation SBN approach – SBN and SP

2. Main activities and results of the first phase

3a.Amhara SBCs Annual Regional Workshop Output

3b.Tigray SBCs Annual Regional Workshop Output

4. Main orientations for yield and quality improvement and loss reduction (roll-out of 20 Steps)

5. Brief on second phase

6a.Exploring Value Addition and Marketing Options

6. Exploring in-country value addition and marketing options for Ethiopian sesame

One pager on major results_2015


Sesame Sector Stakeholders National Annual Meeting (April 20-21, 2015)

1-3 First sessions sesame sector meeting

3a Hamburger photo

4a is a short Film on 20 Important Steps to Double Yield and Improve the Quality of Sesame (available at

4b North Gondar_annual meeting presentation

4c Western Tigray_SBN national workshop

6a Finance Quiz12

6b Finance quiz answering sheet

6c Credit Cost Quiz with Answers

7. Addressing rural finance challenges

10. CommonSense presentation

11. Positioning of Ethiopia in world market

12. In country Value addition

14. Farmer and cooperative business orientation

14. Farmer and cooperative entrepreneurship

15. Labour management and conditions

16a World cafe- towards actions points

16b1 In-country value addition

16b2 Direct supplier-buyer relations

16b3 Cooperatives

16b4 Labour management in the sesame sector

17. Risk management

National Workshop Presentation, May 15-16, 2014

SBN_Overview of major activities and results

Credit Cost Study

Sesame Yields and Post-harvest loss

Demonstration of Improved Sesame Varieties

Available technologies for sesame productivity enhancement

20 important steps

Collaboration agreements and innovation fund

Sesame sector strategic issues


PUM Netherlands senior experts

Precise Consult International PLC

By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia