MRR news

Training on MRR experiment set up and management

82 agricultural professionals drawn from North Gondar zone sesame producing woredas were trained on marginal rate of yield return (MRR) treatment set up and management techniques. The objective of the training was to capacitate agricultural experts so that they design and manage the treatment in a very professional way. Benefit-SBN run MRR experiment to have […]

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kebele level strategy

Kebele-level agro-economic development planning

In collaboration with SBN stakeholders, Benefit SBN has started to pilot kebele-level agro-economic development strategy in a bid to improve the adoption rate of 20 steps improved agricultural practices. Studies and previous years’ experiences show that adoption of good agricultural practices is not going as expected. Unavailability of credit, shortage of finance, lack of improved […]

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Amhara region SBN stakeholders workshop held at Gondar

Amhara Region Sesame Business Network (SBN) stakeholders value chain alliance workshop was conducted at Gondar on the 14th of May 2017. The mobilization workshop was organized by Amhara Region Bureau of Agriculture (ABoA) in collaboration with Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) and Benefit- SBN. The objectives of the workshop are to: discuss on the implementation of […]

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tot tigray

Over 290 agricultural professionals trained as trainers on sesame, sorghum and mung bean production techniques

259 development agents and 34 woreda experts from Tsegede, Kafta Humera and Wolkaiet woredas received training on improved sesame, sorghum and mung bean production packages from the 8th– 15th of April , 2017 at Kafta-Humera. The objective of the training was to increase the knowledge of development agents and woreda experts on improved production technologies […]

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ToT on training design and delivery

Benefit SBN organised a three-day training of trainers’ programme on ‘training design and delivery’ for 23 staff members of Benefit- SBN and ISSD Ethiopia. The training was conducted from the 25th – 27th March 2017 at Lalibela town. The objectives of the training were to train Benefit-SBN and ISSD staff members in providing a quality […]

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Radio broadcast collaboration agreements signed

Benefit- SBN signed collaboration agreements with Dimtsi Weyane Tigray (DWET) Plc and Amhara Mass Media Agency recently for radio programme production and broadcasting. The objective is to create awareness, educate and mobilize actors in the sesame production and marketing. The program will cover all activities in the sesame value chain and disseminate relevant information to […]

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Meetings held with stakeholders and partners of the SBN

Benefit- SBN had series of meetings with regional stakeholders and partners at Mekelle and Bahir Dar from the 15th – 20th of March 2017. Meetings were conducted with the objective of discussing on how to organise upcoming agricultural season activities in collaborations. Discussions were made with Tigray and Amhara region Bureaus of Agriculture, regional ATA […]

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First Benefit-SBN advisory board meeting held

The first Benefit-SBN advisory board meeting was held on the 2nd of March 2017 at Addis Ababa. The meeting was held with the objective of exchanging on SBN stakeholders’ and Benefit-SBN achievements and lessons learnt in 2016; discussing key challenges and strategic issues for 2017 and beyond; and formulating guidelines and action points for improving […]

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Tigray Region SBN stakeholders annual workshop

Tigray Region Sesame Business Network (SBN) stakeholders annual workshop was conducted at Setit Humera town on the 31st of December 2016. The workshop was conducted with the objective of: highlighting the 2016 major results of the scaling out activities; discussing on the major challenges on the sesame value chain and creating platform for the stakeholders. […]

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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia