Tigray Region SBN Stakeholders annual workshop held

Benefit-SBN in collaboration with Humera Agricultural Research Center (HuARC) organised Tigray regional SBN stakeholders annual workshop on the 30th of December 2017 at Humera. About 120 individuals drawn from the six sesame producing woredas of Western and North-western Tigray zones attended the one day workshop. The objective of the workshop was to evaluate the 2017 […]

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Amhara region annual SBN stakeholders workshop held

The sixth Amhara region annual SBN stakeholders workshop, organised on the 24th of December 2017 at Gondar, brought together over 110 participants from the six sesame producing woredas, north Gondar and Awi zones and the regional city, Bahir Dar. The one day workshop was jointly organised by Gondar Agricultural Research Center (GARC), North Gondar Zone […]

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Two cooperative modules tested

Ardaita Agricultural Vocational Education and Training College (ATVET) , in collaboration with Fair and Sustainable (F&S) and Benefit-SBN organised a two day training on ‘Cooperative marketing’ and ‘Cooperative organisation and management’ from 11th – 15th of December 2017 at Gondar. 28 participants convened from 8 cooperatives under Metema and Setit Humera Unions, experts from woreda […]

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Sesame market price

In many areas of Northwest Ethiopia, the 2017 sesame production season seemed to go very well, except the occurrence of some pests, wind, hail and unexpected rain during hilla stacking in some places such as May-kadra, Selferedi, Hagereselam etc. Although these challenges affect some farmers sesame produce, by and large, many sesame farmers in Northwest […]

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Tigray regin field visit

Humera Agricultural Research Centre (HuARC) and Western Tigray zone Department of Agriculture and Natural Resource in collaboration with BENEFIT portfolio programmes- SBN, ISSD and CASCAPE organised field visit for nearly 260 individuals drawn from different organisations- farmers cooperatives, unions, research, agriculture, university, private companies and projects at Kafta Humera and Asegede Tsimila woredas. The event, […]

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Amhara region sesame field day held at Metema and Mirab Armachiho woredas

Amhara region sesame field day held at Metema and Mirab Armachiho woredas Over 250 participants drawn from federal to woreda level government organizations, partner projects, private companies, large and small-scale farmers attended a field visit organised by North Gondar Zone Department of Agriculture, Gondar Agricultural Research Center, ATA and Benefit-SBN at Metema and Mirab Armachiho […]

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Trainees while doing assignments

Record-keeping and calculating costs for better farm decisions

Most farmers in Northwest Ethiopia do not do cost-benefit analysis of their farm activities. This is mainly because of the fact that farmers have limited or no habit of recording their income and expenses. In fact, some farmers try to calculate their profitability depending on their memory. These farmers, however, either tend to forget the […]

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Field day at commercial farmer’s field

A commercial farmer from Mirab Armachiho Woreda organised field day for his fellow commercial farmers, administrators, agricultural experts, and officials from woreda office of agriculture, researchers from Gondar Agricultural Research Center (GARC) and representatives from ATA and Benefit-SBN on the 26th of August 2017. Mr. Mulualem Milmile, who is a commercial sesame farmer in Mirab […]

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Sesame row planter demonstration in Northwest Ethiopia

Gondar and Humera Agricultural Research Centers (GARC and HuARC), in collaboration with Benefit- SBN and ATA, demonstrated sesame row planter in some commercial sesame farmers’ fields in Northwest Ethiopia. A total of 208 (150 hectares in Amhara and 58 hectares in Tigray regions) were row planted using the Sffogea mechanical seed driller, which has been […]

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Rolling out of financial literacy training started

Benefit- SBN, in collaboration with Farmers’ Cooperative Unions, has been training farmers in financial literacy- cost recording and calculating- since 2015. Over 1,100 farmers were trained and supported to record their costs and calculate their profit and/or loss in the last two years.  In 2017, Benefit-SBN and nine Farmer Cooperative Unions have planned to scale […]

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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia