Metema Cooperative Union organises an initiation and mobilisation forum


Metema Cooperative Union members attending the forum

Metema Cooperative Union organised an initiation and mobilisation forum at Gendewuha Brshign town on the 28th of September 2013.

The main purpose of the forum was to lay the foundation for better and coordinated marketing activities for this year.

In his opening remark, Mr. Aderaw Dangnew, regional cooperative promotion bureau head pointed out that farmers and cooperatives should coordinate in different marketing activities and know the value of their specific product in the international market. He noted, farmers should try to produce a quality product and sale at a higher possible price to improve their income and thereby contribute to achieve the growth and transformation objectives of the country.

Mr. Tesfa Mekonnen the Metema Woreda administrator on his part stressed on the issues of the past performance: “while much attention was given to the production and productivity improvement, the creation of market opportunities in the agriculture sector was not given much attention.” He further noted, even though there is a progress towards marketing related activities recently, there is still a gap in employing market pull strategies which could help improve income.

During the forum Bertukan Lulie, the Metema Cooperative Union manager presented the union’s report. In her report, she outlined the performance of the past year by emphasising on the strength and weakness of enablers and actors across sesame value chain with respect to the cooperative union.

Following the Metema union report, Mr Amare Adamu from the regional Cooperative Promotion Bureau presented about crop marketing improvement system/modality. In his presentation, Mr. Amare emphsised on strengthening the business relation between cooperative unions, primary cooperatives and farmers. This was followed by detailed discussion by the participants.

The forum was successfully completed on the consensus that future marketing activities between the primary cooperatives and the union will occur on contractual agreements.

About 145 participants drawn from both Metema and Quara woreda primary cooperatives, administrators, Office of Agriculture, Cooperative Promotion Office, Trade and Transport Office, Zonal Cooperative Promotion Office, Regional Cooperative Promotion Bureau, Union Board of Directors and employees, ACDI/VOCA, SBN Support Programme  and from the media.

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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia