Government amends the Sesame and White Pea Beans Transaction Regulation

On April 28, 2014, the Ethiopian government passed amendments to the ‘Sesame and White Pea Beans Transaction Council of Ministers Regulation, No. 178/2010’ under ‘Regulation No. 307/2014.’

The promulgation of this proclamation laid a legal ground for a new domestic trading of sesame and white pea beans. The most important amendment for the sesame sector is that processors are now allowed to directly buy sesame from the spot markets. The amendment states that “the transaction of sesame or white pea beans at primary transaction centers shall be carried out only between producers and suppliers or producers and processors.”

The change can not only foster the process of domestic trading of the two commodities, but can also provide farmers with better market opportunities as it allows more buyers at the spot market level. It also paves the way for processors to intensify their value-addition activities.

The amended proclamation further states that the transaction of sesame or white pea beans at Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) shall be carried out based on the ECX rules.

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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia