Field days held in Tegede woreda, North Gondar zone

In order to show the performance of the improved sesame production technologies, demonstration plots of the 20 Steps have been shown to farmers. For this, field days have been organised at woreda levels. On the 4th of September 2015, Tegede woreda office of agriculture, North Gondar zone in collaboration with the SBN Support Programme organised field days for more than 60 farmers. Farmers visited three demonstration sites conducted in three model farmers’ plots.


Model farmer Azmach Cakele

In the filed days, farmers who host the demonstration places explained to visitor farmers on how they use the 20 Steps sesame production guide. Model farmer Azmach Cakele, from Seroka kebele, who hosted demo plot for the second year explained the benefit that he has got by using the 20 Steps production techniques. Last year, he got two quintal and 15 kg from a quarter of a hectare. He said; “Had I used the 20 Steps production technologies in one hectare I could have harvested nearly nine quintals.” He said this year he employed the 20 Steps in one hectare land and follow all the steps mentioned. He is also sharing his experience for five other farmers.


Priest/farmer Mulu Tedeneke

Priest/farmer Mulu Tedeneke is one of the participants of the field day who was not convinced on the application of fertiliser. He said; “I used to have a wrong belief on fertiliser. I believed that fertilisers affect the sesame and should not be used at all but now when I see these field I change my mind. I am going to apply fertiliser and follow the other steps next production season.”

After the filed visit farmers came together under the shadow of the trees and discussed about use of improved sesame production technologies with professionals from the woreda office of agriculture and SBN Support Programme coaches.

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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia