Field days held in Tach Armachiho woreda

Tach Armachiho Woreda Office of Agriculture and Gondar Agricultural Research Center in collaboration with the SBN support program organized a field day for nearly 200 farmers in Ashere cluster on September 06, 2014.

The field day was organized with the objective of showing farmers the importance of using improved agricultural technologies.

Farmers visited sesame demonstration plots and crop rotation trial in two farmers training centers in Kisha and Kokora Kebeles. They also visited one model farmer plot at Kokora kebele.

After the visit, most farmers witnessed that row planting and application of inputs helps to increase the productivity of sesame. They said the sesame in the demonstration plots is quite different when it is compared to the nearby farmers’ plots which have been planted in broadcast and without the application of fertilizer.

Farmers also appreciated the crop rotation trial which has been conducted in Fielwuha framer training center. During the discussion, however, some farmers expressed their fear whether the new crops will have a good market or not. As one farmer said he and other farmers in the woreda produced soybean earlier but could not find market for their products.


Andualem Tadesse and Hagos Woldegebriel SBC couches explaining about the demo plots

Farmers were told that there will be a good market for soybean and other rotation crops. Crop rotation will also help farmers to keep the soil fertility and reduce pest infestation.

Some farmers want to be sure by having a look at the sesame plants when they have all the capsules. Representatives from the Woreda Office of Agriculture informed farmers that there will be another field day at the maturity stage of the sesame.

The improved sesame production technology has been run in 11 farmer training centers and 84 model farmers in Tach Armachiho woreda.

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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia