Field day at commercial farmer’s field

A commercial farmer from Mirab Armachiho Woreda organised field day for his fellow commercial farmers, administrators, agricultural experts, and officials from woreda office of agriculture, researchers from Gondar Agricultural Research Center (GARC) and representatives from ATA and Benefit-SBN on the 26th of August 2017.

Mr. Mulualem Milmile, who is a commercial sesame farmer in Mirab Armachiho woreda, invited more than 70 individuals to his field with the intention of showing the performance of the sesame cultivated using improved production technologies.


                                 Mr. Gashaw Worku, explaining about the activities done in the field

While participants are visiting the field, Mr. Gashaw Worku, an agronomist who manages Mr. Mulualem’s field explained all the improved production steps that they followed thus far. Gashaw said: “We have used the improved sesame production technologies in 12. 6 hectares of land in collaboration with GARC, ATA and Benefit-SBN.” He added: “Planting was made using the Sffogea mechanical seed driller pulled by a tractor. Practices such as land preparation, thinning and weeding have been performed on time and properly. As you see, the row planted sesame field is now in its flowering stage.”

At the end of the field visit, discussions were made at the commercial farmer’s camp. Participants expressed their appreciation to Mr. Mulualem and his agronomist Gashaw for their concern to support other farmers by demonstrating the improved sesame production technologies that they applied.


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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia