Farmers trained on financial skills

121 model farmers from across the eight sesame producing woredas of northwest Ethiopia received training on basic economic principles and economic data recording, from June 06-09, 2015.

The training sessions were organised by the SBN Support Programme at Metema, Seroka, Dansha, Humera and Gondar.

The main objective of the training was to improve farmers’ financial skills so that they can calculate basic financial figures and make decisions on economic considerations. The training focused on financial calculations which allow farmers to make well-informed decisions and enhance their profits.


Model farmers, doing calculations

83 farmers were trained on basic data recording of financial transactions for one day at the woreda level. This training mainly focused on sesame only. The remaining 38 model farmers took an in depth financial calculations at zone level. This training sessions included other crops.

The trainees are expected to register the costs that they incur for different activities during the upcoming production and marketing season and do their cost benefit analysis.

The SBN Support Programme coaches and facilitators will follow-up the progress of the trainees in recording and calculating their costs and profits.

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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia