Cooperative and union managers trained on marketing


Training participants at Abrhajira

107 management members of primary cooperatives and unions drawn from Tach and Mirab Armachiho woredas of north Gondar zone received two day training on marketing.

The trainings were organised in between 30 December 2013 and 2 January 2014 by the Sesame Business Network (SBN) Support Programme in collaboration with the two woredas Cooperative Promotion Offices.

The main objective of the trainings was to capacitate the participants’ knowledge of marketing across sesame value chain. It was also aimed at strengthening the collaboration between SBN members within the clusters.

The trainings focused on the importance of cooperatives in the agricultural marketing activities, saving and credit modalities of financial institutions and agricultural marketing and sesame value chain.

Some of the participants of the trainings witnessed that they have got important insights from the presentations made. They also expressed that they will share what they have got from the training to their friends and neighbors.

Resource persons were from woreda cooperative promotion offices, unions, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia branch offices, Amhara Credit and Saving Institute, woreda Trade and Transport offices and SBN support programme.

68 participants from Sanja and Ashere clusters attended the training held on the 30 and 31 of December 2013 and 39 others from Abrhajira and Abderafi clusters attended on the 1 and 2 of January 2014.

It is planned to give similar trainings to the three woredas of Tigray region; namely, Wolkayit, Tsegedie, and Kafta Humera and Quara woreda of Amhara region.


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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia