BENEFIT organises M&E exploratory workshop

Bilateral Ethiopian Netherlands Efforts for Food Income and Trade (BENEFIT) organised a successful exploratory workshop on monitoring and evaluation (M&E) from April 7-8, 2016 at Bahir Dar. 20 managers and data and M&E focal persons convened from the four BENEFIT projects: CASCAPE, ISSD, SBN and EN-TAG participated in the two-day workshop.

The objectives of the workshop were to: share and clarify the result chain of the BENEFIT partnership; discuss entry points for BENEFIT synergy and options for monitoring; explore indicators, definitions and milestones per BENEFIT goal; create a clear overview of the different M&E systems of the projects and exchange frameworks, tools and methods and mapping of the data gathering periods per commodity/agribusiness and develop a clear process for the way forward.


Partial view of the workshop

During the workshop, compiled plans of the four projects on sesame and potato were presented as an example and discussions were made by participants. This helped develop a better understanding of the practical entry point for BENEFIT synergy and collaboration: product and place combination. Discussions were also made on BENEFIT result chain pillars; indicators and milestones; crosscutting thematic issues such as gender, nutrition, value chain, scaling finance in small groups.

The workshop gave chance to project representatives to present key features of their M&E system, which includes tools, methods, strengths, weaknesses, issues projects wants to learn more, and the things that could be done in better ways. This session helped participants to learn from the similarities and differences of the M&E system of the four projects.

In the end, participants discussed on the way forward and suggested specific issues and activities to be done in the future.

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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia