The SBN is a largely informal innovation network that is driven by local entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to work towards more competitive, sustainable and inclusive value chain.

SBN strategies and activities
Income improvement is the overall goal of SBN. To achieve its overall goal, the SBN and its support programme focus on two major strategies:
1. Production cost price reduction
2. Product and market development

To arrive at production cost price reduction, there are three specific strategies and related specific economic objectives:
i.  Productivity and quality improvement
ii. Credit cost reduction
iii. Harvest, transport and storage loss reduction

For product and market development, there are two specific strategies and related specific economic objectives:
iv. Post-harvest value creation and
v. Market linkages and sales

The goal of the support programme is that stakeholders of the SBN jointly develop more competitive, sustainable and inclusive sesame value chains. One of the main purposes of the SBN support programme is to facilitate stakeholder collaboration at different levels (from local to federal and international level) and to improve the competitiveness, profitability, sustainability, and inclusiveness of the sesame sector.

Approach and services

Looking at both the production-push and market-pull sides, the programme adopts a two-pronged approach towards value chain development. The SBN Support Programme provides additional support to on-going and new dynamics in the sesame sector of North West Ethiopia. The objectives of the support programme are aligned to the economic objectives of the members of the SBN. Research, extension, training and facilitation services are supportive to SBN member initiatives. Capacity and innovation development, in combination with knowledge sharing and learning, support the effective development and uptake of innovation to address stakeholder identified constraints and opportunities.



By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia