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Over 290 agricultural professionals trained as trainers on sesame, sorghum and mung bean production techniques

259 development agents and 34 woreda experts from Tsegede, Kafta Humera and Wolkaiet woredas received training on improved sesame, sorghum and mung bean production packages from the 8th– 15th of April , 2017 at Kafta-Humera. The objective of the training was to increase the knowledge of development agents and woreda experts on improved production technologies of sesame, sorghum and mung bean.

Before the training challenges and best practice of 2016 production season of the zone was presented by Ato Tesfay Yeebyo, head of the zone agriculture department and advisor of the zone administrator. He presented the main challenges such as moisture stress, pest and disease, low saving culture, low input use, lack of raw planter for small scale farmers, limited support from development agents and lack of business plan.  Participants discussed on the challenges.

The theoretical training was conducted in three sessions while the practical training had seven sessions. The theoretical part comprises contents on agronomy, pest and disease management and post-harvest handling techniques. The practical training was mainly on row making, row planting, seed placement on rows, fertilizer placement and calibration of different sprayers.

After the training, discussions were held on best practices of model farmers applying the 20 steps. During discussions, participants raise the possibilities of expanding the 20 steps production techniques in the coming season. Finally, each woreda presented its plan for the 2017 production season. The Western Tigray zone plan includes 53.7% of the cultivated land will be covered by sesame and 28.9% by sorghum. 153,940 quintals of fertilizer and 4,327 quintals of improved seed will be used in 2017 production year.

The training was organised by Tigray BoA in collaboration with the Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) and BENEFIT-SBN.

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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia