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Government amends the Sesame and White Pea Beans Transaction Regulation

On April 28, 2014, the Ethiopian government passed amendments to the ‘Sesame and White Pea Beans Transaction Council of Ministers Regulation, No. 178/2010’ under ‘Regulation No. 307/2014.’ The promulgation of this proclamation laid a legal ground for a new domestic trading of sesame and white pea beans. The most important amendment for the sesame sector […]

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100,000 copies of sesame production guide distributed to sesame farmers

100,000 copies of the sesame production guide entitled “20 Important Steps to Double Yield and Improve Quality of Sesame” have already been published and distributed to the sesame farmers in northwest Ethiopia. The production guide is published in both Amharic (50,000) and Tigregna (50,000) languages. The guide is produced based on previous year’s experiences and […]

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ToTs held on improved sesame technology package

454 model farmers and development agents drawn from North Gondar zone sesame business clusters receive training on improved sesame production technologies from June 04-08, 2014. The trainings were organised by Sesame Business Network (SBN) Support Programme in collaboration with Gondar Agricultural Research Center and Woreda Offices of Agriculture. 354 model farmers and 100 development agents […]

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Training held on scaling up improved sesame technologies

Training of trainers’ workshop was given to 44 individuals drawn from North Gondar and Western Tigray sesame production zones from May 29 -30, 2014 at Gondar. The two-day training was organised as part of the preparation for scaling up improved sesame production technologies in 916 demonstration plots in northwest Ethiopia. While opening the training, Dr. […]

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Sesame production guide for 100,000 farmers in northwest Ethiopia

The publication of 100,000 copies of a production guide entitled with “20 Important Steps to Double Yields and Improve Quality of Sesame” has been finalised. The production guide is prepared in Amharic and Tigregna languages and will soon be distributed to 100,000 sesame farmers in north Gondar and west Tigray zones. This field guide has […]

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By Sesame Business Network, Gondar-Ethiopia